Sri Lankan Street-Food: Kottu

6 Mar

Chicken and Cheese Kottu

Having lived in Colombo for nearly a year, my taste buds have acquired quite a liking for Kottu Roti simply known as Kottu”.  The word “Kottu” is derived from Tamil in which it literally means chopped bread (or roti) and can be considered the unofficial Sri Lankan national dish.

Kottu perhaps the most common street-food dish found in Sri Lanka is a medley of finely chopped Godamba Bread (Flat Wheat Roti), vegetables, an array of curry spices mixed with your choice of meat.

Traditionally steaming hot Kottu is prepared on a flat heated iron stove and is pulverized using metal blades – a concept similar to the Pakistani “Kat-a-Kat”.  If you walk through the streets of Colombo you can hear the distinct racket of clanking metal blades as the Kottu is prepared in road-side restaurants.

Despite being a staple street-food Kottu has made its way on the menu of most of the 5 star hotels in Sri Lanka. Kottu can be prepared with different kinds of meat, eggs and vegetables depending on your taste palette but beware it can be quite spicy!

So next time you find yourself in Sri Lanka or even a Sri Lankan restaurant make sure you try Kottu!


2 Responses to “Sri Lankan Street-Food: Kottu”

  1. shamshir March 11, 2011 at 2:31 AM #

    Correction plz.

    concept similar to the Pakistani “Kat-a-Kat”
    the right word is “Takaa-Tak”.


  2. KasunW September 3, 2011 at 9:59 AM #


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